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BASIC INFORMATION about the race

Take Six Numbers with us

Sixnumbers is six-day race for mountain biking couples or individuals. It´s a cycling trip according to a tourist map. Competitors solve the problem how to achieve as many points as possible during the pre-set time limit. You can compete individual or in couple. Everybody can participate in this competition: beginners or experienced bikers.
You can choose your own route according to your skills and possibilities. Sixnumbers race has the similar characteristics as the more famous „Bike Adventure“ and „Russian Roulette“ with some differences. Sixnumbers race has six stages and you will not sleep one night in the event centre.
But Sixnumbers race isn´t only about the competition. You can spend one week with fine people or with your friends.
Before the starting each team or individual receive a map and the specifications of the checkpoints and their classification by points. The aim is to collect as many points as possible by passing the checkpoints in the given period of time.

The race is suitable for everybody, from holiday bikers to experienced racers. Everybody can choose his/her way according to his/her abilities. It doesn´t depend only on your physical condition and cycling style but also on your sense of direction in the countryside and your chosen tactics.
You can go each stage separately or you can go as many stages as you can. Race has to centres. The first four stages will be held around the first centre.
Finish of the third stage will not be in the first centre but elswhere. There the competitors will sleep. As well here will be start of next stage. Organizers will provide you a big tent for sleeping and will bring you your staff for sleeping. As well organizers provide a bike depository in this centre area.
The fifth day will be free.

northern part of the Czech Republic, The Macha region, Lužické hory

DATE: 11th - 17th August 2008

4 hours for adults, 3 hours for PV and open

MM, DD, MD (couples of men, women and mixed couples)
M, D (man, woman)
PV - bike with trailer
P (open – for each gender for those coming at the last moment)

Competitors take part at their own risk and they are responsible for their own safety.


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